Strong Labor Force

NextGen Planning

As we look to reinvigorate our state’s economy, more jobs equal more opportunity for hardworking Alaskans and their families. I believe we need succession planning for our workforce, and I will be laser focused on programs that help train the next generation of Alaskans.

Creating Opportunity in Alaska

I am committed to building a strong workforce throughout our great state to ensure that Alaskans can stay in Alaska, and live where they want to live. With the passage of last year’s infrastructure package and billions of federal dollars headed our way, we need a trained Alaskan workforce ready to build the roads, bridges, ports, harbors, water and sewer systems, broadband infrastructure, and so much more. A home-grown workforce that will spend their hard-earned money in our communities and in our state.


I believe in the inherent right of employees to safely collectively bargain. I also recognize that Alaska’s union and non-union labor forces have built and served this state, and both sectors deserve equal opportunity to provide for their families. I will take a balanced approach to ensure that both sectors have opportunities to continue to build and serve Alaska.

Alaska’s Federally Recognized Tribes- 477 Program

Some of Alaska’s federally recognized tribes participate in a unique workforce development structure commonly referred to as the “477 Program”. This program is designed to remove bureaucratic red tape and empower Alaska’s tribes to establish workforce development programs aligned with their tribal structure, processes, and membership. I fully support this program for workforce development and using this model in other sectors of government.

I am focused on delivering results for Alaska. We need a robust economy, strong labor force, and healthy communities. We need to promote development of our natural resources, maximize our strategic location in the interest of national security and arrest the growing trends of social challenges impacting Alaskans and our communities. I want to build upon Alaska's strong foundation and focus on the opportunities for the future."

- Tara Sweeney