Robust Economy

Building a Stronger Economy

As a small business owner and former corporate executive, I will champion policies that drive investment into our state. Alaska’s economy sits on the foundation supported by resource development, fishing and tourism. We have the opportunity to grow our economy in these sectors, with the potential to expand into new ones. We need leadership with Arctic economic experience to focus on stabilizing our economy and driving new investment into our state. I bring that experience.

Unleashing American Energy

We need to unleash our domestic energy potential, and that starts HERE IN ALASKA. Opportunities in ANWR, the NPRA and around the state will help fill the TAPS pipeline and create better-paying jobs. The Federal Government must be a willing partner in this endeavor, not an obstacle. I’ve spent my career fighting for responsible resource development in Alaska and will continue to do so in Congress. This is done by building allies to ensure Washington, DC understands the national security implications of domestic resource development – and Alaska’s role.

Renewable Energy

I support efforts to commercialize Alaska’s geothermal, hydro, wind, tidal and other renewable energy sources. I recognize that renewable energy is a growing part of Alaska’s and America’s energy portfolio. Although we will continue to depend on new oil and gas production to power our economy, I believe we should take an “all of the above” approach to our nation’s energy portfolio and look to ways to strengthen investment into renewable resources.

Less Government = More Economic Freedom 

Simply put, less government and lower taxes equals more economic freedom for hardworking Alaskan families.  In Congress, I will work to lower the tax burden on our Alaska small businesses and cut bureaucratic red tape that needlessly interferes in our ability to grow our economy. I’ll fight for policies that will make it easier for Alaska to grow and create jobs.

Tackling Runaway Inflation

As a free-market capitalist, I generally believe in less government regulation in all facets of our economy. However, this inflation crisis is the worst in 40 years, and it’s hitting Alaska families hard. This Administration is refusing to implement policies that to prevent hyper-inflation. Alaska is part of the solution. On the supply side, we can unleash our domestic energy supplies TODAY. We should also be looking to drive investment into our state that promotes domestic production of goods. Alaska’s economy is just too important to send inexperienced leadership to Washington, D.C. I bring that experience.

Alaska’s Federally Recognized Tribes- Economic Development

Alaska’s federally recognized tribes are critical to Alaska’s healthy economy. Their sovereignty empowers them to engage with the federal government on a level above all else, and they are eligible for programs that can potentially lift up our communities. Whether through the Office of Indian Economic Development or through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, opportunities exist for meaningful tribal partnerships are. I fully support efficient and effective policies that promote economic development opportunities for Alaska’s federally recognized tribes, and my experience as Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs has afforded me deeper understanding on how best to achieve results.

Addressing Alaska’s Infrastructure Needs

Alaska is a resource rich and infrastructure poor state. Our roads, bridges, ports, ferries, water treatment plants, and sewer systems are severely lacking. With passage of last year’s infrastructure package, billions of dollars of much needed investment are headed our way. We must work together to maximize this investment. I will continue to fight for Alaska’s fair share.

I am focused on delivering results for Alaska. We need a robust economy, strong labor force, and healthy communities. We need to promote development of our natural resources, maximize our strategic location in the interest of national security and arrest the growing trends of social challenges impacting Alaskans and our communities. I want to build upon Alaska's strong foundation and focus on the opportunities for the future."

- Tara Sweeney